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Sexy Satin Sleep Wear Ruched Lace Pajama Set
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Product Description

  • Material: polyester, skin-friendly, breathable, wrinkles free
  • Good for all weather: Comfortable for all seasons. 
  • Cozy Design: 2 Pcs set makes you feel comfy while relaxing.

Tips for Washing Satin Clothes :

  • Due to the delicate weave, satin clothes should be HAND WASHED or cleaned using the DELICATE CYCLE of your washer. Always use a cold water temperature for the wash and rinse and a gentle detergent.If hand washing, do not wring or twist the satin fabric.
  • Gently swish through the cleaning and rinse water.Do not dry on high heat in a tumble dryer.
  • You should hang to dry or TUMBLED ON LOW HEAT and removed from the dryer while still slightly damp and allowed to air dry.
  • Satin clothes should be dried flat away from direct heat and sunlight to prevent damaging and weakening of the long fibers.If ironing is needed, iron on a low to medium low HEAT SETTING on the wrong side of the fabric.
  • Always use a pressing cloth between the iron and the fabric.

(1 inch = 2.54 cm)

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